Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dalmation tries to Steal Vehicle

Dalmation Beauty Attempts Shelter Break
By Ima Chi
Reporting from Kern County
August 8, 2009

In this sleepy little farming community, shelter personnel said that there didn't seem to be anything particularly unusual about the attractive Dalmation nicknamed "Spot" who had been brought into the shelter earlier that day. "We didn't notice anything funny about her," said one officer who wished to remain anonymous. "She was quiet and well-behaved. Seemed to take a big interest in the ham sandwich I was eating, but other then that she seemed like a nice girl."

So, little did they suspect the pandemonim that this brillant little beauty was about to unleash...

According to canine sources who observed the scene, when the officer strode over to his desk to answer a phone call, Spot stealthy unclasped the pink rhinestone leash she had been wearing. Next, she quietly picked up the keys to the Shelter's vehicle, and then sprinted out of the building. Reportedly, the officer had left the vehicle's door open, so Spot leaped in. As she was pawing the keys to find the one that would fit in the ignition, she barked out to the dogs in the back "Hang on hounds, we're busting outta this joint!!!"

But before Spot could get the key into the ignition, officers surrounded the vehicle and shouted, "Paws in the air!" Upon hearing this Spot, who obviously had a background in obedience, quickly dropped the keys and looked sadly at the officers. Caught red pawed, this booking photo was taken. This lovely girl currently waits for someone to post bail, and take her home.