Friday, March 27, 2009

Just An Injured Dog

He was just a number, an injured Great Dane picked up and brought to the South LA Shelter. He was never viewed for adoption, not once, because his long front leg bone was disastrously broken and his eye was injured. The shelter figured that the damage to this big boy was too much, and so they euthanized him before I could pull him. He never had a chance, like so many in the shelter. Shelter dogs are dying so often these days that's its unbearable, and if there's a way for the universe to impart to this big boy that died alone, hurt, on a steel table that he was loved and that people were trying for him---I hope so much for that message to make it to him in his final home over the Rainbow Bridge.

If you know someone looking for a dog, PLEASE SEND THEM TO A SHELTER. There are puppies, furry little full breed lap dogs, big beautiful noble guard gods, and everything in between. There are no reasons to keep the breeders in business when they are the ones fueling the overpopulation issues. Please become, instead, a Backyard Activist by steering people in the right direction. If you took the time to read this you already are!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Comforting Canines & Friends

When my daughter was 9 she wanted to be a surfer, and asked if I would redecorate her room in a beach theme. So I bought some hula skirts, tied them together, and trimmed them down to create a "hula bed skirt." Then I found a bright, pink, and green comforter with a 50's style Hawaiian beach theme. It was quite unique and colorful. Her room looked great.

She had that comforter for many years, but eventually, she grew older and decided she wanted something different. So... I folded the comforter up, and put it in a bag with other old comforters, quilts, blankets and towels. These sat in my garage for awhile, but then about a year ago I decided to donate them to the shelter.

You are probably wondering why I am writing this...

Well... the other day I had some paperwork to drop off at the shelter (liscence renewals), and I decided to take a stroll through the shelter. As I was walking past one of the cages I had to stop. There it was! My daughter's comforter!!! It was draped on one of the dog cots, and laying on top was a dog who looked so cozy and comfortable I had to smile.

And I thought, this is a comforter that has truly been just that. For years it brought comfort to my daughter who used it to stay warm and dream though the night, and now these dogs at the shelter would have a chance to do the same. During their stay this blanket would bring them some extra warmth and comfort.... and I pray pleasant dreams...

So.... if you have any old blankets, comforters, or towels. And these can be worn out, stained, and even have holes. Please consider donating them to your local animal shelter. The animals there will appreciate the little bit of extra comfort that a bit of fabric, something soft, something warm... can bring.