Happy Beginnings

Shelter Adopter Writes

I just got the most AMAZING 2 year old Maltese from the L.A. County Shelter. He is so sweet and grateful. He was already trained not to go in the house. Looks like I got him from the pet store. All I paid was $38. All the vaccines are included and he was neutered. I got him from the Carson Shelter. They had so many different dogs. Big dogs, puppies. I saw the most beautiful Shih Tzu puppy but she was on hold for someone. You have to get there early since it is first come first serve.

I LOVE MY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even believe that a great dog like this was at the shelter. HE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did have to groom him and bathe him when i got home that is the only difference between getting a dog from the shelter or a pet store- PLUS YOU ARE SAVING A LIFE!

Family Adopts a Senior

"We had decided that we wanted to give a loving home to an older dog as we had space and a lot of love to give. We had seen Spot on Petfinder and went to the shelter to see him. He was 11 years old, extremely overweight, arthritic, and deaf, but his personality shined through. Even though it was very hard for him to get up with the extra weight and the arthritis, he came over to greet us, wagging his tail. We went home and discussed it, and decided we wanted to share our home with him. We went down to the shelter and adopted him the next day.He was so happy to come home with us, he climbed over me in the driver's seat and jumped out as soon as got home. His energy level tripled once he came home with us. Within two days he fit in so well it was as if he had lived here all his life! His wonderful personality, indomitable spirit, and loving nature completely won our hearts and made him a permanent member of our family.

We immediately put him on a diet and made sure he got plenty of exercise. By his first checkup he had lost 15 lbs., and only had 25 more to go. He gained more energy, stamina and agility. He is so loving and protective, he wins us over daily. Even though most people wouldn't have considered him because of his age and limitations, we feel very privileged to have Spot in our family! In the time we've had him, he has gained such a youthful outlook that it's hard to believe he is 11 years old. We love him and are so happy to have him as part of out family!" -- Sandra, El Cajon, CA

Aussie Puppy Finds Home

We drove to the San Bernardino City Shelter and adopted the Aussie mix dog today. He is really cute and we love him. Both our son, and our daughter fell in love with him. We have not named him yet. But he had a bath to get rid of the fleas. I also found two tics in his ear. He will be going to the vet for some shots in three weeks. And also to get him neutered.

"Anchored" Home

"Thank you for taking the time to let people know about these little babies. I am soooo very happy! I own another standard poodle that I also rescued and she is gorgeous. I always tell people you can rescue absolutely any type of dog you want. You just have to be alert. I had been thinking about getting a second Standard Poodle, and when I saw your post I knew that pup was the one! When I got him from the shelter he did not look like much. I thought he was a mix, but after a good grooming it was like a surprise; "This little guy is a purebred standard poodle!".

He is only 5 months old, and he was scared, petrified, and extremely skinny, a couple of days of love and he has flourished into a very sweet playful guy and we are just in love! People that have met him say that he is lucky I got him out of the shelter, but I know is the other way around, I am so lucky to have found him!

Thank you for spreading the word about this guy. It is because of you I was able to find him. I am sending you a photo I took of him on his second day. We named him Ancor and in the photo he is with my female standard Jet. Take care!"