Friday, March 27, 2009

Just An Injured Dog

He was just a number, an injured Great Dane picked up and brought to the South LA Shelter. He was never viewed for adoption, not once, because his long front leg bone was disastrously broken and his eye was injured. The shelter figured that the damage to this big boy was too much, and so they euthanized him before I could pull him. He never had a chance, like so many in the shelter. Shelter dogs are dying so often these days that's its unbearable, and if there's a way for the universe to impart to this big boy that died alone, hurt, on a steel table that he was loved and that people were trying for him---I hope so much for that message to make it to him in his final home over the Rainbow Bridge.

If you know someone looking for a dog, PLEASE SEND THEM TO A SHELTER. There are puppies, furry little full breed lap dogs, big beautiful noble guard gods, and everything in between. There are no reasons to keep the breeders in business when they are the ones fueling the overpopulation issues. Please become, instead, a Backyard Activist by steering people in the right direction. If you took the time to read this you already are!!!

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