Tuesday, September 20, 2011

West Hollywood Bans Sale of Fur Clothing

West Hollywood, CA - This is the middle of it all, this is where it began.. today.

West Hollywood is the very first city in the entire United States to ban the sale of fur apparel. This is a huge victory for animal rights advocates. Quite honestly, I am surprised, humbled and in awe of a city legislators brave enough to make a decision they feel is ethically right in opposition to a powerful fashion community. More then banning the sale of fur this is making a statement. To the commuity it's saying, fur is cruel, fur is inhumane and it's completely unnecessary. Hey, there are enough warm and comfortable synthetics... and it's not a dead animal! Of course, it's still legal to wear fur and you can still go into other communities and purchase fur. It's just not going to be sold in a particular city. If you want to buy the skin of a dead animal... go elsewhere.

A final vote on this will take place in October before this measure becomes law.

So, out of canine curiosity I just pulled up Google maps to see how many fur stores there are in West Hollywood... zero. They are all in Beverly Hills!!! Hey, so don't shop there. Go to West Hollywood! Support compassion.

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