Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Need Good Foster Homes?

Animal Fostering & Rescue 101

This is an idea I posted a few years ago to a group of rescuers and am now tossing out to the binary winds once again... Oftentimes rescues need generous, caring and knowledgeable volunteers to help foster animals. In addition, potential fosters are sometimes hesitant to help because they don't know what to expect.

This is where an established and experienced rescue organization or individual can help. By creating a curriculum and setting up classes or workshops through community venues such as shelters, adult enrichment classes at local colleges, high school, or city parks and recreation, rescuers would have an opportunity to connect with people seriously interested in fostering.

Classes could focus on various topics that would be important and helpful such as providing a safe environment, resources, common illnesses, costs involved, etc... In addition, courses could even be broken into parts. For example, the initial classes could be more informational and upon completion (and with approval), graduates could become fosters with the rescue and sign up for "foster support" classes where they would continue to learn.

Besides learning, participants would pay for the initial classes and that fee could then be funneled back into rescue. So, not only is this an opportunity at education, but it could also be a source of revenue for rescue. Some groups may already be doing something similar, but for those who haven't tried, this idea may be worth exploring....


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