Friday, October 7, 2011

Puppy Mill Mom you know me??? I am a purebred Yorkshire Terrier. Pardon my appearance, maybe you didn't recognize me. I've been so busy making babies. It's hard to be beautiful when you live in filth and never get bathed.

Maybe you know one of my children, there are hundreds of them out there in the world. I know not where. They were taken from me so young. I hope they have forgotten me and this sad place I can never leave. This tiny cage with its wire floor is my world. I have never left it. It is all I know. Is there something else? I know this cage. I know loneliness. I know fear. I know pain. I know sickness. I know hunger. I know thirst...I know how to make babies. That's all I know.

Is there more? Why are you here? I only know humans mean pain. What do you mean by help? What is Kindness? What is love? What is there beside what I know? Will you show me? Will you not forget me here? I want to know what else there is beside this hell I live in. Help me please, I can not help myself.

There is a bill in the US Congress that will help dogs in puppy mills all over the country, the PUPS Act. House-HR835, Senate-S707. So far 25% of representatives have signed on in support. Please use the link: to find your US (not state) Senator and Representatives and write or call, much more effective than email, to encourage them to support the PUPS Act. PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION AND PUT AN END TO THIS INDUSTRY FOREVER! TOGETHER WE WILL BE HEARD! MAKE OUR GOVERNMENT LISTEN AND DO NOT STOP UNTIL PUPPY MILLS ARE OUTLAWED AND ANIMALS ARE PROTECTED!

Be their voice and their guardian angel, end the suffering of these innocents, once and for all ♥

By Robyn Gianotti

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